Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cambodia: Sihanoukville (Island-hopping)

We registered for the Island-hopping programme organized by the GST guesthouse. Snorkelling was negligible cos visibility was very bad. But at US$10 per person for the boat rides to 3 islands, breakfast and lunch, it was still worth a bargain

Derrick’s expression after seeing the boat that we were abt to take

On the way we passed by several nice islands

The Cambodia flag & us on 1 of the islands

Some of the more memorable things that we did: singing Capoeira songs on our boat rides, to the amusement of the other passengers; Derrick doing his back-somersaults off the boat...

Barbecued-fish lunch

When we came back to Sihanoukville beach, it was crowded with the locals

So we started pulling off some tricks…

…which the kids were quick to emulate

Most of the Sihanoukville beach look set for major facelifts. Certain tourist infrastructures are in place and thus Sihanoukville may have potential to rival those in Thailand. But to me, the water just ain't as beautiful as those in Thailand.


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