Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cambodia: Sihanoukville (Arrival)

This was an awfully boring day.

From 7am to 5.30pm, we were travelling on a bus from Siem Reap all the way down, past Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville (supposedly Cambodia’s “leading beach resort”)

The road was quite bumpy & we were in the last row. It was impossible to read. So we were all drifting in & out of sleep. Felt like those bus rides to Malaysia. Should have brought my Portuguese to study or MP3 player

Of course, there were a few stops in between. At each stops, there would be some women hawking suspicious-looking food.

When we finally arrived at Sihanoukville, we pillion-ride motorbikes to our GST lodging.

Had dinner @ beach restaurant w fantastic music

Where Jiamin kept harping on the fact that the alcohol were damn cheap.


Blogger DEe said...

Hahhhaha... EVERYONE stays at the GST... thats where I stayed too in Sihanoukville. Jiamin.. not just cheap drink. cheap drugs too. if iyou're into that kinda thing :D

7:28 PM  

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