Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cambodia: Siem Reap (Arrival)

Cambodia has 2 major rivers: Mekong river(the great river) & Tonle Sap(the fresh water river). To get to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh, we can either go by bus or boat along Tonle Sap.

Since the boat ride was too expensive (US$25), we took the Mekong Express bus instead (US$9)

Ms Ling graciously paid for our taxi fr Siem Reap bus station to Damnak Chan guesthouse

Fantastic & Cosy Damnak Chan
It was here when we first tried Prahok, fermented fish paste.

Cambodia is a major destination for sex tourists

We then went to the central mkt but didn't buy much cos we tot that PP mkt 'd be cheaper

Nithiya got fascinated by Mannequin Pis-Part 2

Siem Reap (Siamese defeated)
-Angkorean Era(AD802-1431)
-Great temple complexes dedicated to Hindu deities eg Shiva & Vishnu may've declined in significance as Buddhism became the predominant religion of the state


Blogger the nitty-gritter said...

you should have bought this nithiya person a pissing doll for memory. she'd have loved u loads for it. haha. "fascinated" haha.. more like enthralled and crazily amused!

6:37 PM  
Blogger Clarence said...

hey dude, u din let me know about yr new blog!

Haha anyway i have my ways to know about it :P

Cambodia's expensive? LOL!

have u eaten a S$20 KFC meal before? Scandinavia is the real EXPENSIVE place to be in! ARGH!

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